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Our Games Collection

Find The Hidden Numbers

Find the Hidden Numbers is a fun 0-9 number learning game for toddlers and young children. Join the Super Numbers as they try to find all their lost number friends.

Ven Machine Surprise-512-Icon.png

Vending Machine Surprise

 Have your very own vending machine to carry around in your pocket. Vending Machine Surprise is a free, fun vending machine simulator where you can collect lots of different cool items.

Bubble Paint Pop Party

No need for coloring books and crayons or getting your hands sticky with paint when you have Bubble Paint Pop Party!


Toy Egg Surprise

Toy Egg Surprise is a super fun Toy collecting game where every day will feel like your birthday as you get as much yummy chocolate and toy surprises as you can open!

Daredevil Dorks 

Navigate Norris aka the Daredevil Dork though a balloon filled sky to collect as many gold coins as possible, use the helium filled balloons to bounce high into the clouds.

Toy Egg Surprise Maker 

Have you ever wanted to create your very own Toy Egg Surprise and get your family and friends to unbox it?
Well now you can!

Pirate Treasure Maths

Join Captain Mathbeard and his trusty parrot Jake on a fun Math filled adventure as they sail the seven seas in search of rare treasure, using their pirate math and map reading skills.

Hook A Duck

Have fun with this Hook a Duck inspired arcade game.

You have 90 seconds to catch as many ducks as possible but be careful as them ducks are crafty and will duck under the water to be avoid being caught.


Petting Zoo Pals

Tap your Petting Zoo Pal to earn coins with which you can buy level ups, hats or even more cute little animals for your petting zoo club.

Birthday Present Surprise - Maker

Pick a toy, then design the present box to put your toy surprise in. From the color to the paper wrapper pattern, it can all be customized. 

Its not just birthday presents you can make, why not make presents for other special occasion like easter, christmas or thanksgiving.

Nom Nom Cat vs Dog

Cat loves fish and dog loves bones, feed them!
Sounds easy, doesn't it. Well try feeding them both at the same time with endless falling food from the sky!!

Super Blast Heroes

Battle your way though the mega alien spaceship, avoiding spikes and lasers while shooting your way though hoards of enemy robots along the way.

Candy Surprise Eggs

Bored of toys and want some candy treats instead? Candy Surprise Eggs has all kinds of yummy candy to collect and eat!

Bonfire Night & Fun Fireworks 

Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night or just set off fireworks for fun.

Are you a budding pyrotechnic or have you ever dreamed of creating your very own fireworks show?

Well Now You Can!

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